Ready to take your lovemaking skills to the next level? Want to bring more intimacy and fun to the bedroom? The resources below should hit the spot.

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For Men

The Virtuoso Lover – secrets of masterful lovers and sex gods
The Virtuoso Lover ebook cover
Learn to be a real master in the bedroom. The Virtuoso Lover is a 3-volume (524 page) treasure chest covering every topic related to sex.Check out: The Virtuoso Lover
Lick by Lick
Lick by Lick ebook coverAll licks are not created equal… at least not when it comes to going down on a woman. Master the art of cunnilingus.Learn how at: Lick by Lick

For Women

Blow by Blow
Blow by Blow ebook coverWant to give your man extreme pleasure in bed?Learn the art of fellatio.Learn how: Blow by Blow

For Everyone

100 Great Sex Games for Couples
100 Great Sex Games ebook coverWhat’s the easiest way to rekindle the magic and passion in your lovemaking?Click here to learn more: 100 Great Sex Games

For Gay Men

The Joy of Gay Sex
Joy of Gay Sex cover

For Lesbians

The Whole Lesbian Sex Book
Whole Lesbian Sex cover