How to Write a Dating Profile

How many dating profiles have you read that sound the same? You could probably use the same one for six different people! Simply put – a lot of profiles don’t tell you who the person really is.

Whether you are online to find a life partner or to just date casually, you’ll need a profile that is more focused and interesting than the others. Below are 9 steps that will help to increase the response(s) you get to your profile. As it will take you some time to go through the process outlined below, you might want to post an initial profile and start dating.

9 Steps To Writing Your Attention Grabbing Profile:

  1. Make a list of your best qualities, interests, values, and hobbies. Ask yourself: In what areas do I excel? What do others appreciate about me? What am I passionate about? Write down the answers as they come to you and don’t edit them! Just let the ideas flow. If you really want to take it to the next level, ask some of your close friends and family what they see as your best qualities as well as what they appreciate about you.
  2. Take these notes and highlight or underline anything that stands out and that you want to include in your profile.
  3. You also need to include the type of person you’re looking for and even what types of things you envision doing together. This way potential dates will recognize themselves when they read your profile.
  4. Using the above information, start writing your profile. Instead of saying you’re a loyal friend, give an example of a time you were loyal or what loyalty means to you. If you love reading sci-fi or watching cooking shows, describe what interests you about them. This will raise your profile beyond the typical profile.
  5. A tip about the length of your profile: it needs to be long enough to give the person a taste of who you are and what you offer while still leaving parts to be discovered. In other words – don’t give it all away at once. It’s like the taster at an ice cream shop. They give you a taste, not the whole scoop.
  6. Ask a friend to read your profile and give you feedback. Does it capture the essence of who you are? If they were a potential date, would they want to know more about you? Make any edits based on their feedback, if it feels right to you.
  7. Now that you’ve written your profile, you need a profile name. Instead of a non-descriptive name like Joe234 or Jenster, try to capture the gist of who you are and/or what you’re looking for in your name. For instance, RomanceLover or BikerGal give an obvious clue as to what your interests are.
  8. As you connect with potential dates online, take note of any comments they have about your profile. You can use these comments to improve it.
  9. Update your profile on occasion to keep it current. Use the information you’ve gathered, as per the point above, in the process.

While it can take a bit of time to go through these steps, the resulting profile will stand out from most of the other profiles thrown up in haste and without much thought put into them. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to capture the essence of who you are.