Dating Profile Pictures

There are two questions when it comes to dating profile pictures. One – do you post a photo? Two – what photo do you use?

According to the Lavalife dating site, those who post a photo are seven times more likely to receive a response than members without a photo. Friendfinder says you can triple the number of responses you receive by posting a profile photo.

There are situations where posting a photo may not be wise. For instance, if posting a photo would jeopardize your personal safety or career – don’t! If this is the case, you may want to consider whether online dating is the right choice to begin with.

If you decide to post a photo, here are five tips for finding the best picture for you to use.

  1. Is Your Picture Blurry?
    If a picture is blurry, are you even going to stop and read the profile? Probably not. If you’re serious about finding someone online, consider getting a professional photo. At the very least, use one that is in focus.
  2. Are You Obvious in the Photo?
    How many times have you seen two or three people in a profile picture and wondered which person belonged to the profile? Make sure people can see your face. If you have pictures of you playing a sport or walking your dog at the beach, use those as secondary photos.
  3. Is the Message of Your Profile Reflected in Your Photo?
    You’re off to a great start if the message or gist of your profile is reflected in your photo. If you want to project fun and a go with the flow attitude, a photo of you in formal wear may not be the best choice of photos. Use a photo of you having fun. Most sites let you upload more than one photo, so you can also have photos that highlight other aspects of your multi-dimensional self.
  4. Is Your Picture Recent?
    Use a current photo. Using a photo that’s 10 or 20 years old will likely backfire on you. At some point you want to meet your online connection in person, right? They may feel deceived if you try to pass yourself off as someone younger than you are. Besides, the perfect match for you may bypass you because they preferred someone who looked older!
  5. Is Your Picture Appropriate?
    If you’re on a dating site aimed at dating and marriage, its best to use a head and shoulder shot. Adult sites allow for more revealing photos, as you can see when you log-in. Take a peek at the photo guidelines if you’re not sure. Even on adult sites, photos of genitals for a profile picture may turn women off. A little mystery and intrigue can be very enticing.